Is David Icke a Member of Antifa?

Strange question do you think? Well I hope not, for when I have finished this short but conclusive article, you should begin to see The Light, especially when it comes to the UK’s master of disinformation and misinformation.

First, though, lets be clear about these Soros Jew financed, Communist sewer rats who make up the membership of Antifa, for their title means just one thing – ANTI-FASCIST. Fascist being a label which they pin on anyone that’s not an unhinged satanic PC Cultural Marxist.

OK, so returning to David Icke, what do we hear from him with great regularity in his never ending diatribes – “Fascist this and Fascist that, Nazi this and Nazi that.” Not forgetting, too, the ‘book burning’ mantra that he also throws in with his “Nazi this and Nazi that” rabid mouth foaming. Never mind that all the books the German National Socialists did burn, needed burning, but that point we will never hear from the lick-spittle Mr Antifa David Icke!

So who does Mr Antifa David Icke work for, now that we know that he’s an outright Cultural Marxist Communist? Some say he’s a Jesuit gatekeeper and that may be correct, but my money, if I were a gambler, would be on him being a shabbos goy agent for The Tribe. I won’t call him a useful idiot, for he is certainly no idiot, but he is very useful for the nation of the Jews.

I will post this quote to help make my point:

“Dealing with The Jews requires a Jewish primer on how the Jews talk and how they use certain words:

1) “Fascist.” Jews call someone a fascist when that person prevents the Jews from taking control of the politics of a particular nation.

2) “Fascism.” The political status of a particular nation that keeps the Jews in their place and out of power.

“There is not a single instance when the Jews have not fully deserved the bitter fruit of the fury of their persecutors….We come to the nations pretending to escape persecution, we [Jews] are the most deadly persecutors in all the wretched annals of men.”

— Samuel Roth, Jewish writer, Jews Must Live (NY,NY: The Golden Hind Press Inc., 1934) pp. 64-65

So, Mr Antifa David Icke calls the worldwide Powers That Be, Fascists. How does that work exactly? and oh that they were! The Powers That Be are the Internationalist Jews (globalists) with their banking, media and Jewdicial stranglehold and their political, shabbos goy, errand boy traitors, and all of them are PC Cultural Jew Marxist scum, and here he is calling them Fascists? Do you see the confusion that Antifa Icke is sowing here?

Now here’s another thing, a Fascist system usually has a dictator ruling alone without any so-called democratic electoral system in place. So again here we have Antifa Icke behaving like an ignoramus calling so-called democratically elected politicians – Fascists, when they represent the exact opposite of a Fascist system – a Communist Stasi enforced system. So yet more confusion being sown by our home grown disso Mr Antifa David Icke.

If we then pin this down, we have Mr Antifa David Icke doing The Jew’s dirty work, by calling our so-called democratic leaders, Fascists, who in turn definitely do not keep the Jews out of power, nor out of powerful positions in the media and commerce. A good example here from the past would be Mrs Thatcher’s cabinet which had 6 Jews in it, and today we have Boris Johnsonstein, a Turkish Jew and Dominic Raab another Jew and no doubt there will be more Jews in his cabinet and certainly a whole lot more than a few Jews in both houses of government.

Ironically the only place where you will find Fascists today, apart from Turkey, is in Israel, which is a rabid nationalist Fascist state that unrelentingly persecutes the indigenous Palestinians.

I trust you can now see The Light.


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Brand New Tube, Real Name Brand Jew Tube, Exposed!

First of all my apologies for my lengthy absence, only I forgot my site access details so couldn’t sign in. At the same time my e-mail account died so I couldn’t use that as proof of rights to site access. Anyway after a prayer I did remember my details so here I am and back to business:

I never learn, do I? There was I, sucked in like a lemon to this new video platform with a heathen Muslim as its chief founder, delusionally thinking that it was going to be a free speech alternative to JewTube and what do I get today? This load of pusillanimous PC crap:

“We have received a Police notification to remove some of the videos promoting violence and targeting one particular religion and spreading hatred. We have removed those videos and we will do the same in the future. Kindly do not upload such videos on to your channels.”

Regards Team BNT

Upon receiving this into my notifications box I proceed immediately to upload this video:

“Anti-Semitism, It’s a Trick, We always use it.” – Shulamit Aloni, former Israeli Minister

Which they took down before it was published and, as you can see, is still up on Jewtube, so from this we can easily deduce which (((particular religion))) they are grovelling to, and in my opinion these satanic Muslim devils had it in for me and my Christian channel.

Interestingly, they didn’t post a copy of this alleged muppet notification, so could have been lying, but either way, we can see straight away what direction this controlled opposition shit show was, and is, going in. We need to get this reality firmly fixed in our minds folks that there is minimal genuine opposition out there, it’s nearly all controlled.

I believe this site is a text book case of taking captive disenchanted ex-Jewtubers and leading them down the proverbial Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole. Even more so than Bitchute and that’s saying something.

Anyway that’s my rant over, my account deleted from their poxy site, and you have been warned.

Best regards


PS. You can also find me here:

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Ever heard of that little gem before!? If not, let me enlighten you. Brexit Party is definitely not what it seems, for Brexit has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!! Brexit Party is a front and is the latest JewTube channel that promulgates ‘Alt-Right’ bullshit.

Why and how is the ‘Alt-Right’, bullshit, I hear you ask? Quite simply because in the mainstream political cesspit there is no RIGHT WING at all. ALL the mainstream political parties are CULTURAL JEW MARXIST, pus filled sore, blots on the landscape – 100% COMMUNIST!

So with that TRUTH in mind, HOW CAN THERE BE AN “ALT-RIGHT” (Alt-Right meaning the Alternative-Right) So let me ask the question: How can there be an Alternative-Right (Alt-Right) when there is no Right Wing in the mainstream political circus for there to be an alternative to it? Does “The Alt-Right” therefore make any sense? Of course not, and it’s not meant to, for it’s ALL DESIGNED TO DECEIVE and lead awakening people down blind rabbit holes!

I’ve digressed, but a necessary digression, so back to more about the Brexit Party: The front man, a pale and pasty, lifeless looking individual, called Oliver appears to be orchestrating it, but I am wondering if there will be other devious bods in the background pulling his strings or pulling THE strings of the whole opperation. Perhaps we’ll hear from him denying it. Not that that matters.

So what’s my beef with this shady little operation? Well first off we have Mr Pale and Pasty, who is a fan of the disso site The UK Column = very dodgy indeed, inviting  people allegedly from the RIGHT, from across the globe, as guests on his podcasts, which can then go on for 2, 3 or even 4 hours. Now don’t get me wrong for some of these guests are the real deal, but others are definitely NOT, as I explain below:

Second off, we have Mr Pale and Pasty salivating over one of his podcast guests, a half-Jew, who calls himself….., now wait for it………”Jews for Hitler.” YOU WHAT!!!???? Yes you heard me right: “JEWS FOR HITLER” – ROTFLMAO!! How does that work, you could justifiably ask?

Not only that but this half-Jew claims that he’s a Christian and that Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) was a Jew. He also claims that the Jews are the chosen people when both claims are JEW LIES. (Links for my proof and evidence below.)

Third off, when yours truly challenges the provenance of this half-Jew liar in the comments section of the Brexit Party channel, yours truly gets his comments deleted by Mr Pale and Pasty. Nothing like free speech in the “Brave New World” of the Brexit Party JewTube podcast channel, eh?













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Daily Stormer is Controlled Opposition and Disinformation

Believe it or not but Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer believes the official account of the Paris ‘attacks’ by ‘Muslims’ on some two-bit satirical news outlet. Never mind that just like 9/11 there were all these handy people around, in the right places, with their cameras to record the Keystone Cops farce that we all witnessed.

There they were, those wicked Muslim terrorists, with their AK 47 assault rifles firing at point-blank range without so much as drop of policeman’s blood or signs of physical injury anywhere. Even if they had missed, a sizeable chunk of pavement would have been seen flying off to places unknown until some more muppets had been employed to find it. LOL You have to give it to ’em, if only for entertainment value.

However that’s not the point of this blog post, seen one false flag then you have seen ’em all – same old, same old, same old, just different places and different peeps, but just the same BS and the same distraction value. No, the point of this blog post is to reveal Andrew Anglin and his Daily Stormer internet rag for the charlatan disso page that it is.

On the face of it you would think The Daily Stormer is all very pro-white, anti-Jew and anti-black and yet to side with the official account of the Paris incident makes for very interesting reading indeed – here’s a sample of Anglin’s dissembling:

“I was mildly shocked to see the sheer numbers of people coming out and claiming that Moslems would never shoot up a news paper and thus the cartoon-killers must have been secret agents.”

Was this written by Anglin or The ADL??? LOL You will pardon me for likening his smug supercilious cocky style to that of a Jewtube agent troll.

Now he gets slimy:

“Why do the people promoting these hoaxes tend to engage in such open falsification of data, such as claiming that the concrete particles seen after the cop was shot were “smoke from a blank”*?  If this is real, why is there a need to be purposefully dishonest?”

No concrete particles were seen after the policeman was ‘shot’ only smoke from the blank and with an AK 47 there would have far more than just particles flying. The policeman was reported later to be seen alive a well. A Sky news reporter later at the scene of the ‘crime’ spoke of “blood having been put there afterwards”. I mean, come on, what is Anglin trying to defend here and is his Daily Stormer page just one big act of an agent provocateur to stir up trouble between whites and white religionists against Muslims, making him an agent for the Yids. If he is an agent for Mossad or the CIA then his game is now up, courtesy of yours truly.

If you read his page it’s amazing the lengths to which he goes in order to confuse and muddy the waters when the issue is clear that the Yids needed to keep up the villainous Muslim image at all cost. They are now getting a lot of heat in The USA, Britain and Europe re their crimes of genocide against the Palestinians. People, too, are getting wise to their ISIS tricks in Iraq and Syria so they needed a major distracting event to stir up Muslim hatred once more which Anglin at The Daily Stormer seems only too happy to supply.

He then condescendingly asks:

“Is the position of the conspiracy theorists that Moslems do not commit crimes or terrorist attacks at all, or just that they never commit big ones?”

Here he displays his ignorance or is he just mocking conspiracy people in a general sense? If so, then that should set alarm bells ringing for us who know there is a worldwide conspiracy (cons-Piracy).

So how does he display his ignorance? Quite simply by ignoring The Truth that Muslims have no need of violence in order to further their cause. Their religion is all they need to win people over due to the ineffectiveness of the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion in all its useless guises. The Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion leaves and has left a massive vacuum and Islam is filling it. Perhaps that’s what pisses Anglin off and of course the mongrel dog Christian Religious scum and vermin that comment on his vile stinking page.

Finally he says this of the Yids:

“if they are willing and capable of staging massive hoaxes, why not blame nationalists, and turn people away from nationalism, rather than towards it?”

Well the simple answer to that is German Nationalists are beginning to rise up right now in rebellion against their Bolshevik Jew Marxist Merkel but at the same time against the wrong people i.e. The Muslims, due to hoax attacks like Paris. So you see, folks, it’s not complicated at all but, rather, very simple when you know how your pro Jew snake in the grass enemies think. Beware of the satanic disso Daily Stormer and its dumb ignorant duped followers.

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The Latest Satanic Evil Offering From Aangirfan – “FREE WILL – DOING THE UNPREDICTABLE”

Now that’s a benign sounding headline, isn’t it? —– “Free Will – Doing The Unpredictable” (dated 3rd January 2015) Yes it is, until we start unravelling the evil Satanic inspired Bolshevik Jew Marxist diatribe that follows it.

However, before I start, I will make it crystal clear that man does NOT have free will, so this demonic creature Aangirfan is totally in error before he even starts, but then that should come as no surprise to you if you have been doing your homework regarding this Bolshevik Jew Marxist agent and disso illegitimate.

OK, first off, he cites a philosopher by the name of Daniel Dennet who allegedly says this:

“You can exercise free will by doing something unpredictable such as talking to someone you wouldn’t normally speak to in a supermarket queue. Or, deciding not to do something evil.”

But is that true? No way. You see, folks, man in his fallen condition (sinful state) resides beneath the limbs of the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil and he can ‘choose’ to do good or he can ‘choose’ to do evil, but whichever he ‘chooses’ to do, he will still be an enslaved fallen man – a sinner – born into sin and a slave to sin and doomed to die.

A good analogy would be a prisoner serving a real life sentence. Now this prisoner could ‘choose’ to be a good prisoner, i.e. he is kind and gets on well with his fellow prisoners and causes no trouble for the prison staff or the governor or he could ‘choose’ to be an obnoxious, violent foul-mouthed trouble maker and spend much of his time in solitary confinement, but has either type of ‘chosen’ behaviour changed his prisoner status? NO, not at all, he is still a prisoner without his freedom serving a life sentence. So we can now see that the prisoner has a will, but it’s not free, it’s an imprisoned enslaved will and so it is with fallen and lost mankind.—Does-Mankind-Have-It?&id=443499

However, this is not all, because he then quotes more garbage from this Dennet creature:

“Imagine a fundamentalist Christian couple who decide to do something unpredictable – like accepting that God made some people gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.”

Here we can see the usual Bolshevik Marxist Jew liberal lies and anti-social responsibility cop outs. All sexual perversions are learned and then implemented and/or actioned by the pervert – period – no man is born a sodomite. Furthermore, the only god that can deceive us into being a sodomite/pederast, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender is the god of this world, Satan the Devil.

Let’s be clear, if a child grows up with the right examples being set by the parents it will naturally follow those examples. If, however, the parents are loveless, graceless Bible thumpers then there is a good chance their children will rebel and become an embarrassment to the parents by going astray.

Then we get this load of  Jew propaganda tosh and nonsense:

“Imagine a person brought up as fan of Hitler deciding to accept that the Nazis are mainly criminals.”

Never mind that the term ‘Nazi’ was a Jewish term of insult to German National Socialists, who were far from being criminals, unless we’re going to accuse the majority of German people, at a national level, as criminals. All this, too, when all the time it was the Bolshevik Marxist Jews who were the criminals via their thieving bankster usury and unjust reparations demanded of post WW1 Germans.

Then the Aangirfan creature chirps in with:

“Philosopher Daniel Dennett says free will is much more complicated than many people believe.”

Well, as I have explained, free will is not complicated at all once you understand that you don’t have it – it’s an illusion – a myth, unless, of course, you’re a disso who quotes an error filled philosopher.

Next up we get this pure Jew propaganda:

“Think of the White racist who is not free to make friends with a Black neighbour.”

Notice it’s only the white racist, not a black racist or a yellow racist. Notice the satanic lie that a racist cannot be friends with those of another race. I am a racist, but would have no problem in a black or yellow entering my home or my country provided he or she didn’t take up residence. So what is this Aangirfan crap all about? Easy, it’s anti-white (real) racism and anti-white propaganda – genocidal hate speech against white people – that is what it is, so I hope you’re learning about this Aangirfan disso illegitimate and the moron he is quoting.

He then claims:

“You can avoid being manipulated.”

Really???? How does that work? If we’re manipulated from birth (which we are) how do we avoid being manipulated by people and their schemes we’re not even aware exist and are happening to us. You can only avoid being manipulated if you KNOW that you’re being manipulated – YES?? Or am I missing something? The amazing thing here is that this Dennet creature is a perfect example of an arrogant manipulated Bolshevik Jew Marxist atheist liberal zombie himself trying to correct or guide people who HE THINKS are being manipulated. LOL. Is this insanity at work here, or the wackiest form of surrealism I have ever encountered? Either/or, I reckon.

Then we get more self-righteous Bolshevik Marxist leftie arrogance:

Who are the people who are being manipulated and who are therefore not free? It is mainly the ultra-conservatives, the extremists and the fundamentalists.”

Ha ha ha ha, notice it’s not him that is the non-free extremist with his Bolshevik Jew Marxist atheist world view, oh no, it’s only ultra-conservatives and fundamentalists. And where do we find these ultra-conservatives, by which he really means fascists, today? Where are the sole dictators running their countries today apart from in Africa? Nowhere is the answer to that, so what is this devious snake dissembler on about? Again that’s easy, he’s propagandising and demonising The RIGHT and elevating the Bolshevik Jew Marxist world view as being the ONLY viable way. This is how these snake demonic bastards operate.

Here is his last mind numbingly ignorant statement whether knowingly or unknowingly:

“Think of the fundamentalist Communist who is not free to enjoy the benefits of moderate capitalism.”

He doesn’t even know that capitalism is now Bolshevik Marxist Jew usury fed Communist Corporatism and that all his ultra-conservatives are really Communist NeoCons.

To finish off he lists a list of 68 transgenders and exaggerates by claiming that the world is FULL of transgenders.

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WOW! Banned Again!!! Now Who is Patrick Henningsen with his 21st Century Wire Web Page?

Well that’s easy to answer – he’s just another disso and shill and very pally with some very suspect people, too, VERY SUSPECT PEOPLE INDEED!!!

Here are just some of the web pages linked from his ‘About’ web page:

The Guardian Newspaper no less and need I say more!!?? David Icke, Alex Jones (Infowars), RT (Rothschilds Today), Steve (son of CAIN) Quayle, Jeff Rense, and last, but by no means least, The UK Column!! Also listed are Activist Post, Alternate Current Radio, Before It’s News (who I know about), Global Research, Intellihub, Red Ice Radio, SGTreport and What Really Happened. These latter people apart from Before It’s News I know very little about, so anyone with any genuine info on these latter ‘AM outlets’ will be greatly appreciated.

OK, so what gives with these 21st Century Wire dissos? Well quite a bit as it happens, because there I was making one of my usual hard hitting comments on Before It’s News (BIN) when, out of the blue, I get a ban for what appears to be no real reason.  The reasons cited as it turns out were not applicable to my comment anyway and yet I was banned – so what’s going on???

I e-mailed BIN and they told me it was because I had posted links to my blog web pages in the comments section. Naughty, naughty, slap of wrist time, but wait, hang on a minute, I post those links in dozens and dozens and dozens of my comments on BIN, but no one complains or calls for a ban, so why should this particular thread be different?

Ah, the plot thickens, as they say, and it’s a Bolshevik Marxist Jew plot that thickens and we all know what they’re like, don’t we!!?? If you don’t, then it’s time you started some REAL TRUTHER research and gave up on all these ‘bottom of a cornflakes packet’ sources for your AM information.

So what is 21st Century Wire all about? Quite simply, and to put it politely, it is Sanitised Alternative News. What is Sanitised Alternative News I hear you ask? It’s watered down and disinfected alternative news and in the case of 21st Century Wire it is so watered down and disinfected it becomes tasteless and useless. It’s a bit like when an intellectual or a philosopher gets hold of The Holy Scriptures and makes them to none effect with their meaningless long winded babblings and blather.

I digress, here again from their ‘About’ page:

“21st Century Wire is News for the Waking Generation™. We are an independent media voice for geopolitical news and analysis, working with an array of contributors aggregating news and opinion from around the world.”

Here they claim that they are an aggregating news platform for a ‘waking generation’. That’s true, too, but to what end? Is it their aim to TRULY awaken people with The Truth or just feed them with their MSM styled spin, their version of the news, their pro-sodomite/pederast/lesbian/transgender, liberal, diversity laden, anti-white-Anglo-Saxon/Celt, multicultural, spin?

You see, folks, in order to be pally with The CIA Guardian there is no way you can be independent. In effect you’re compromised before you even put your fingers to the keyboard, because whatever you write has to be OK with The Guardian or it won’t get printed or even acknowledged. Believe it or not, but the same rule of thumb applies to the UK Column and that’s why 21st Century Wire gets plenty of air time on UK Column live stream broadcasts. Both these outlets are spewing forth the same useless sanitised and disinfected ‘we will not offend’ news.

However, a little about this BIN thread where a fella called Chris Everard, in association with 21st Century Wire, was bad mouthing The British Royal Family in true Bolshevik Marxist Jew fashion. Now don’t get me wrong because this modern Monarchy of ours are no angels and The Queen is most definitely guilty of treason over our membership of The Bolshevik Jew Marxist EU and for allowing Britian to be swamped with alien foreigners of all desciptions since the 1950’s and there are other alleged crimes in circulation on the web that she is being accused of, but until proven I will leave those out of this post.

No, what angered me in this Everard shill piece was the sheer ignorance re the genealogy of The Royal Family and the usual Bolshevik Marxist Jew anti-monarchy, anti-National Socialist propaganda running right through it. As soon as we get Nazis this and Nazis that we know we have Bolshevik Marxist Jew disinformation being spewed at us. This is why this piece found favour with Henningsen and when I posted my comment exposing their crap and a link to this page they threw a fizzie fit, like the big girl’s blouses that they are, and got me banned.

Here are one or three lies and blatant errors from this Everard disso crap:

1) “Her actual family come from Saxony and Bavaria – more of her ancestors are German than British.”

Queen Elizabeth II is a Royal Judahite (not Canaanite Jews) from Judah and is related to King David of Ancient Israel. The Judahites migrated across Europe with The Israelites and The Assyrians (The Germans) from the Middle East, but not all Judahites came to Britain. Some remained in Germany, France and Holland and that is why we find so called Germanic representation in the Royal Family but they are only German in name. The Hanoverians also were not Germanic with George I being a descendant of The Judahite Stuarts (Stewarts). So let’s be clear on this – THERE IS NO GERMAN BLOOD IN THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY – ONLY JUDAHITE ROYAL BLOOD.

2) “Her family’s financial affairs are forbidden from public discussion and she can recall and dissolve parliament whenever she likes.”

Her families financial affairs are forbidden from public discussion because they would disclose how much money is handed over annually to The Rothschilds and it is a blatant lie that she can dissolve parliament whenever she likes. Only Monarchs who rule totally by Divine Right can exercise that power and that power died with Charles I. QE II is a neutered Constitutional Monarch – a non-Monarch – a puppet. The last Monarch who tried to exercise power over Parliament was Edward VII and they very likely poisoned him as a result, just as they poisoned his father, Albert (Victoria’s husband), before him. Get it through your heads folks – The Bolshevik Marxist Jews HATE MONARCHY and anyone who jumps on that band wagon is siding with the Yids against their own Monarch.

3) “Taxes on Customs & Excise are collected worldwide and funneled into Buckingham Palace.”

This statement is another lie. All British taxes go straight to the IMF and/or The World Bank as does The Graduated Income Tax. British people see no benefits from taxation whatsoever.

Here’s another truth: back in the 1990’s the Royal Yacht Britannia needed a £52M refit and John Major the then Prime Minister refused to pay for it and The Royal Yacht was taken out of service.  Now if we have a multi-millionaire or a billionaire Queen why could she not scrape together a meagre 52 mil in order to refit a ship that she loved and openly wept over in public when it was decommissioned. Does this sound like a wealthy powerful Queen to you? Stop listening to the BS disso merchants and liars.

Let it sink in folks, The Czar and his family dying in a stinking filthy cellar like dogs was a Rothschild Bolshevik Marxist Jew warning to all remaining European Monarchies.


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The Latest Cheap, Emotional, Manipulative Anti-White Propaganda Crap From Aangirfan

You can’t beat this Bolshevik Marxist Canaanite serpent creature, Aangirfan, for vile cheap shots at white people, can you? Sooner or later, between the odd tid bit pieces of Truth, you will soon get his ‘par for the course’ standard MO tirades of Bolshevik Marxist Jew propaganda spew and, with this, his latest snide post, we get two slimy evil pieces entitled: “Executed Kid Was Innocent” George Junius Stinney Jr. and then followed swiftly by “Trolls.”

Look folks, you better get wise to this illegitimate’s handiwork and quick because he’ll lead you down the garden path for sure and push you into his deep disinformation well with no way of climbing out, having addled your brain with his Marxist anti-white sound-bite repetitive disso confusion.

OK, so what’s it all about? Quite simply it’s cheap and underhanded manipulative emotionalism as used by the Jew controlled MSM (Mainstream Media) when they want to layer more guilt on white people for their ‘wicked evil past’. This is standard Bolshevik Marxist Jew MO to brow beat white people into thinking they OWE THE BLACKS. When nothing could be further from The Truth. If anything it’s the blacks that owe the whites and the Jews that owe the blacks. Whites owe blacks Zilch! Zero! Nothing!

You need to understand that The Jews controlled the BLACK African slave traders in Africa. The Jews owned many of the slave ships. The Jews ran the slave auctions in the plantations. The Jews owned the trading posts and supplied the plantations with all their provisions and equipment including the whips, collars, bracelets and ankle shackles. If you don’t believe me, then web search Professor Tony Martin, a black historian, and he’ll put you straight.

So what has this to do with the above titles? Everything, is the answer, because this lying dissembler and emotive manipulator Aangirfan has picked out a single case of false arrest and subsequent execution i.e. an alleged miscarriage of justice in order to lay guilt on white people.

Now if we compare this with black on black gun crime in the USA and, elsewhere, including ‘liberated’ South Africa what has this single case of alleged white injustice to do with anything other than promoting the anti-white Bolshevik Marxist Jew agenda of this low life scum Aangirfan?

In Palm Beach County in Florida, alone, about 88 out of every 100,000 young black men in the county were killed by blacks in homicides – 77 being the national figure. That figure is six times higher than it is for young white on white homicides. So with these statistics in mind, what has the rogue death of one 14 year old black child in 1944!!!!!! got to do with anything other than for emotive anti-white Bolshevik Marxist Jew reasons I have already given?

To finish this part I will draw your attention to the Rwandan Genocide where it is alleged that 800,000 black men, women and children were butchered with machetes and hatchets in a mindless satanic blood bath. Link here:

And this evil propagandist dross draws our attention to one black child killed by whites. Who remembers the Rwandans? Who observes any remembrance ceremony for these thousands? Does Aangirfan? Not likely, he’s too busy with his satanic Bolshevik Marxist Jew agenda.

Now with regard to his ‘Troll’ piece it seems that I am not alone in sussing this propaganda crap out. People are TRULY WAKING UP to the white genocide that is taking place before our very eyes and all ably assisted by treacherous scum like the BMJ Aangirfan.

The ‘Troll’ piece is the usual Bolshevik Marxist Jew atheist anti-Christian, anti-British, anti-white, anti-National Socialist propaganda. Here is the link:

I will leave you all to make up your own minds and let me know if you have any difficulty understanding what he is doing.

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The Tap Blog Is Sheer Disinformation and Curteis Is a Fraud

Henry Curteis, presumed author and controller of The Tap Blog, but is he? who professes to be a fully fledged member of the Alternative Media is nothing of the sort, but is total disinformation – a slimy fraud.

E.g a commentator called June asks Tap: “Why are my comments being moderated?” And the scum bag Curteis replies:  “Everybody’s comments are being moderated.” So we can see that the disso is a control freak!!

This means Henry ‘Josef Stalin’ Curteis hates The Truth being published on his blog. In Truth, he is just a two-bit sound bite AM newscaster, allowing only what he’s comfortable with onto his blog which is just dumbed down worthless non-news puke – UK Column Mk II MI5 BS.

The Tap Blog is The BBC of the AM. Curteis really hasn’t got a stomach for the real AM and should retire with his foreign Mrs back to the Philippines, where he belongs, and never to be heard of again.

The only thing Curteis is good at is pressing the delete button and brown-nosing his fellow disso brothers-in-arms, The Vatican Assassins Jew agent and Christian Zionist WASP, The Bolshevik Marxist Jew mouth piece Aangifan and the UK Column, a UK Government tool. No doubt other scum bags like those at Veterans Today will be added to this list in due course, so watch this space.

Back to The Tap. He recently feigned an expose on that other charlatan Chris Spivey. but it all turned out to be a fake. And that is what Curteis is – a fake.  He plays the same old half-truth game that all dissos play like their archetypal masters i.e. Jones and Icke. He’s so readable, it’s boring.

So dear people, it’s time to vote with your feet and desert his grubby slimy little web page, but before you do that here is a taste of his disso spew published this week on behalf of the Christian Zionist Jew agent Phelps at Vatican Assassins by the infamous shill cretin called WASP:

Israel is a puppet state of the Vatican controlled by SMOMs – WASP

Just that headline alone should have you rolling on the floor laughing, then he says: “You are fooling yourselves if you think the Jesuit Vatican takes orders from the Jews.” Here he’s kidding himself, because The Rothschilds take orders from no one, so who is giving the orders if The Rothschilds are taking no orders themselves? LOL

Furthermore, what has The Vatican got other than a billion+ poverty-stricken dupes? Why would The Rothschilds have any need for them when they control Britain, The USA, Europe, Japan, Russia and China through their central banks with their 2 billion+ productive people?

Then he hurls the usual troll put down insults which NEVER work on me other than to urge me on:

“Why do you think I refer to you as “Dick Brains”? The Coadjutor Jews are left to take the Flack after the Jesuits Have Stuffed You! – The Jews are the Fall Guys.”

The ‘Coadjutor’ Jews are left to take the flack he says!! ROTFL Yeah!!!! they are just so dumb and stupid those Jews!!! So stupid to have this real ‘Dick Brain’ (his words, not mine) thinking that they were victims of a Holocaust.

Look folks, this is where he gets his erroneous mantra: “The Jews are the Fall Guys.” from. HE thinks they were genocided in a holocaust so he thinks they’re dumb idiots just waiting to take the rap for The Jesuits, when it’s The Jesuits that are now totally infiltrated by those stoopid Jews. Hilarious or what?

Who does this idiot think he is? Master Mind?? LOL

Now here’s a cracker: “Regarding Spivey, I consider he is a credible source of information, but but lets himself down, by excessive use of profane expletives.”

Ha ha ha WASP says Spivey is a credible source eh? DOH!! Now why would that be I wonder? Because both Spivey and WASP are anti-monarchy and who else are anti-monarchy, but with an added satanic vengeance? Why those pesky Jews – The Bolshevik Marxist Jews HATE the institution of monarchy so they are all united and bound by this single-mindedness.

Now don’t get me wrong, because I know that The British Monarchy has many serious flaws and deserves to be investigated over treachery/treason re The EU and the paedophile scandal(s), but that should not mean that the institution of monarchy should be abolished, which is what the likes of that pro-Jew Spivey and WASP would want.

But there’s more and the boot licking, brown-nosing and back slapping continues – one would almost think they were all Freemasons. Now there’s a thought?

Re Spivey: “I do not consider he is a disinformer.”

Re Tap: “I do not consider either that The tap is in any way controlled opposition.”

And to those of us who expose WASP’s pro-Jew garbage: “As suggested by those Myopic Species, who are incapable of doing any meaningful research, outside of their self imposed parameters.”

Notice the inaccurate and false accusations continue when his research is totally one-dimensional i.e. The Jesuits. This asinine moron is a researcher with blinkers on, LOL, and he has the arrogant brazen audacity to call others myopic and incapable of doing real research. This creature is a clown without a circus.

Then we get true disinformation – truth mixed with outright lies: “I will tell you again Religion is a Maximised Control System, & the KJV, is not what you think it is — try referring to The Geneva Bible, that was banned by the Jesuit Coadjutor Cecil!”

First he states The Truth: “I will tell you again Religion is a Maximised Control System, & the KJV, is not what you think it is.”

Then he lies: “Try referring to The Geneva Bible, that was banned by the Jesuit Coadjutor Cecil!”

The Geneva Bible is no better than the KJV. They are both English translations riddled with errors and blasphemies and if Cecil was a Jesuit how come Queen Elizabeth I was not assassinated by him. It would have been easy peasy for Cecil to do that. So just from these two pieces of info we know what this WASP scoundrel is about!! Like his slimy sponsor The Tap, total disinformation.

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Banned From Two Sites Today – Can’t be bad!! – 11th December 2014


Hi folks, haven’t posted here for a while as the motivation has not been with me for this blog, so apologies if you have been coming back expecting more news and finding the cupboard bare so to speak. I hope now to be posting more regularly on this site, so on with the show and my latest news:

I say banned, but there was nothing official from either of these gutless spineless slimy people (just the deleting of my pertinent comments) – the first being a toad by the name of Henry Curteis at The Tap Blog and the second by an uneducated ignorant dolt by the name of Sven Longshanks at The Daily Stormer – most likely not his real name – very likely it’s Polinsky or Steinberg or something very much like that, LOL.

For your information, Longshanks was the nick-name of King Edward I of England who kicked out the Canaanite Jews from England in 1290. So my money is on old Sven boy having nicked the name for his own use as a handle to boost and polish his megga ego and his name is no more Longshanks than mine is Nigel Farage.

First, though, The Toad, otherwise known as The Tap or Henry Curteis and all nicely Oxford University ‘educated’. I don’t know about you, dear readers, but what is it about the Oxbridge tag? It always sets alarm bells ringing with me when we think about all the treacherous traitor scum vermin that has crawled out from beneath the doors of those two vile evil establishments. I would write a list, but my blog isn’t big enough.

OK, so why did The Toad Tap delete my comments? Quite simply because they were too Truthful and probing for him. I know, because he’s done it many times before. You see, Curteis hasn’t really got the stomach for The Truth, at heart he’s really a mealy-mouthed liberal do-gooder and a compromiser playing at being an exposer of conspiracies. Anything goes is his motto until it comes to comments he can’t handle or is it what his masters can’t handle? Here’s how I know it is his masters:

One of my comments was in answer to that other charlatan disso Aangirfan, who had commented on The Toad’s page only for my reply to his comment to be swiftly removed. Now why would that be when I all I did was challenge Aangirfan over his anti-German National Socialist and anti-Hitler diatribes that regularly appear on his blog? His posts often include Jew propaganda snide articles about Hitler being a rabid sodomite and the National Socialists as being ‘Pink Nazis’ i.e. sodomites.

Again, dear people, these Aangirfan articles are not posted based upon his research, but are most likely from the ADL dirt and sewer rat infested library or he may have some equally slimy helpers that make it all up for him and spew it forth like Tin Pan Alley music for him to publish. We must understand folks that Jew anti Anglo-Saxon, anti-Celt, anti-Nordic and anti-German anti-white propaganda is a massive worldwide operation.

Now what about old Sven at the Daily Stormer, ‘cos he’s a different can of worms altogether but just as slippery? He didn’t like me showing him up for being a poorly educated dolt, so he got some in house troll(s) to start hounding me, which was not a problem because I eat trolls for breakfast. However, this trolling was used to make me look like a trouble maker as I never give up when people argue back against The Truth. So instead of banning or deleting the comments of the troll(s) he deleted mine instead, as you would if you’re snake in the grass, thereby ridding himself of an opponent to his disso crap.

So what was this disso crap? It was anti-British Israel disso crap and who are the biggest enemies of British Israel teaching? Why, the Canaanite Jews and it’s the Canaanite Jews because only British Israel teaching reveals the TRUE IDENTITY of Israel – REAL ISRAEL – the REAL CHOSEN PEOPLE and it ain’t the Canaanite Jews folks!!

So there we have it – two treacherous slimy clowns who think they can stop The Truth going out. ROTFL. All praise be to Yashua Messiah’s Name.




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Aangirfan Sunday 25th May 2014 – “THE ‘LOONY-RIGHT’ DOES NOT FOOL EVERYONE”

So here we go with my first example of Aangirfan’s Bolshevik Marxist Jew disinformation propaganda crap in calling UKIP “The Loony Right”

He then adds:

“The party which performed best in the UK is the UK Independence party (UKIP) which belongs to the loony-right.”

Before I start I will make it plain that I am anti-politics, anti-democracy, I do not vote and have no intention of voting in the future. There is NO SALVATION OR REMEDY for the indigenous people of the British Isles in politics or the democratic process. Democracy is a hoax.

So back to Aangirfan and what’s really going on in his Sunday piece, for there are several things a Truth seeker must be able to identify when reading his stuff or they will always be led astray by these devious illegitimates.

1) The term ‘The Loony Right’ is stolen directly from the MSM right leaning press who frequently refer to ‘The Loony Left’ when speaking of Bolshevik Jew Marxist scum and Communist scum who they are fearful of calling by that real name. This again is due to their fear of being labelled ‘anti-Semites’ or ‘political extremists’ or even ‘domestic terrorists’ for using these accurate terms.

So the term ‘Loony Left’ is totally disingenuous and a slogan of dissemblers who brainwash people into thinking that Socialist Bolshevik Jew Marxists are mad and insane when they are completely sane and know exactly what they are doing – destroying Britain from within through rampant uncontrolled immigration and in so doing trying to wipe out the white Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples. So let’s be clear, there is NOTHING LOONY ABOUT THE LEFT.

So what do have when Aangirfan is using the term “The Loony Right” when speaking of UKIP? Well obviously he’s trying to paint them as right wing extremists or even Fascists or the nearest thing to them, when in reality all they represent is 1950/60’s Conservatism. The Loony Left is the emperor with no clothes so our Bolshevik Marxist- loving Aangirfan is attempting to disrobe UKIP by association with the term ‘Loony Right’.

Notice, too, how he puts those who voted UKIP down by saying that they voted for a load of loonies. So what is he actually doing? He’s bad mouthing the democratic process – a process that, as a Socialist Bolshevik Jew Marxist, he would normally defend to the hilt, but because the voters have put in someone he hates, he verbally abuses them and the democratic system by telling them they didn’t know what they were doing when voting UKIP. This is classic Bolshevik Jew Marxist double-speak and the British Buggery Corporation uses it all the time via use of the disparaging and patronising word “POPULIST”.

2) “UKIP is opposed to the National Health Service.”

And so should everyone be, but, you see, because Aangirfan is a Socialist Bolshevik Jew Marxist, he, like all disso propagandist traitors, will be in support of the NHS, it being a part of The Communist Manifesto, and, knowing full well that it kills so many unhealthy, fat and malnourished Anglo-Saxons and Celts every day.

Anyone who is FOR the indigenous people of these British Isles will be pressing for dietary education, the banning of GMO foods, the closing down of all junk food outlets, and the strict policing of processed food manufacturers.

3) “UKIP has a history of opposing the idea of Scotland having its own parliament.”

Here we can see Aangirfan’s anti-nationalist Bolshevik Jew Marxist thinking and it staring straight at us. The Union is a crucial part of Britain’s strength and UKIP knows this. Only a Bolshevik Jew Marxist traitor would be for the dismantling of The Union. United we stand – divided we fall.

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